2 Pack Felji Solar Flag Pole Light, 26 Ultra-Bright LED Lights


2 Pack Felji Solar Flag Pole Light, 26 Ultra-Bright LED Lights

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This Solar Flagpole Light is powered by solar energy through solar panels. It is a green and environment-friendly product.

How it works:

  • The panels convert sunlight into electrical energy and then charge the AA NI-MH rechargeable batteries during the day.
  • A light sensor turns on the light automatically at night.
  • Ideally, the light should be in a place to capture the maximum amount of sunlight.
  • The light source is super-bright LED's which can work up to eight hours at night after a full sunny day of charging.


  • To prolong their life, the batteries are packed separately and are not pre-installed in the solar light.
  • Remove the two battery doors with a small Phillips-head screw driver, insert the batteries and replace the battery doors.
  • Unscrew the ornament from the top of your flagpole, place the solar light atop the pulley assembly, with the solar collecting panels facing up, and replace ornament.

Solar light for flagpoles features:

  • Contains 26 ultra-bright LED lights
  • No wiring required
  • Safe, operates with self charging solar batteries
  • Easy to install- no special tools required
  • Solar panels collect light all day and illuminate your flag at night
  • For use with in-ground poles 15 to 25 feet

Package contents: 2 (two) Solar Flagpole Lights. *No accessories, ornament or flag is included.

* The U.S. Flag Code suggests that the American Flag should be illuminated at night.

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