6 Replacement Filters to fit Black & Decker VF100 Dustbuster Part #VF100 & VF1000H

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Replacing your filter helps to increase the suction and the life of your DustBuster vacuum cleaner. This part is a top quality, generic aftermarket replacement part. Fit and function are guaranteed for 30 days or your money back. Any reference to brand or model numbers is intended for identification purposes only.

This Filter fits the following Black and Decker models:

  • CHV1400 Dustbuster
  • CHV1500 Dustbuster
  • CHV1560 Dustbuster
  • CHV1600 Dustbuster
  • CHV9600 Dustbuster
  • AV1500 Car Vacuum
  • AV1500B Car Vacuum
  • AV1600 Car Vacuum
  • AV1600B Car Vacuum

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