Felji 29W LCD Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightener Heating Detangling Paddle Hair Brush with Head Massage Function


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Features and Operating Instructions:

  • For thicker hair select higher temperatures (410-440 Fahrenheit).
  • For normal textured hair select medium temperatures(374-410 Fahrenheit).
  • For delicate fine hair you can select low temperatures (338-392 Fahrenehit).

Note that it will take slightly longer to make a hair style in the lower setting.

To turn on: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds and press and hold 3 seconds to turn off.

This hair straightener has a comb in it. It combs and straightens your hair. Durable plastic knobs at the tips will prevent unpleasant burns.

Advantages: This product has a very robust appearance making it very practical stylish and safe. All the outer coverings are protected by temperature-resistant engineering material PET/PPS/PAEE.

No burns: When the straightener reaches 400+ degrees the comb’s top only reaches 122 degrees minimizing the chances that a severe burn will occur.

No harm: It produces anions (negatively charge ions) when working and these anions will remove static electricity from your hair. In addition anions can combine with the air to produce moisture which will help nourish your hair.

LCD screen display. 360 degree rotatable wire eliminates clumped wire situations.


  • Voltage: DC110v-220v
  • Power: 29W
  • Wire length: about 230cm (~7.5 feet)
  • Heating time / optimal styling time: 30 seconds
  • Average Temperature: 365 degrees
  • Max temperature: 446 degrees
  • Min temperature: 176 degrees
  • Increase/Decrease Temperature by 5 degrees at a time
  • Colors: White or Pink
  • Package included: 1 x Straightener Comb 1 x User Manual

For optimum results brush your hair before you using the straightener First turn on the device then set the temperature as desired. Only one hand needed during operation.

Please note that if you have a lot of hair the straightening process can be slowed down substantially. You may need to clean the brush for consistent straightening.

Straightener Warning: Avoid water at all times to avoid hurting the product and yourself. Before use please check to make sure the product is in good condition. If cracked or damaged cease use immediately.

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