Felji Space Saver Bags Vacuum Seal Storage Bag Organizer 6 Pack (2 Small, 2 Medium, 2 Large)


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These Space Saver Bags Vacuum Seal Storage Bag Organizer 6 Pack will help you maximize your organization efficiency and cleanliness factors while increasing your storage space.

You’ll love how much space you save with these nifty space saver bags. After you insert the article of clothing into the bag suck all the air out of the bag for easy compact storage.

They also help protect your clothing from damaging moisture and mildew particles as well as UV rays. Buy a few sets today for a more permanent clothing storage solution.

Leave inefficiency at the door. Get rid of your suffocating clutter and enjoy a nice clean storage space. A clean area will enable you to live a more productive lifestyle.

Space Saver Bags Dimensions:

  • Small = 17.72 x 27.56 inches (45×70 cm)
  • Medium = 23.62 x 27.56 inches (60×70 cm)
  • Large = 27.56 x 39.37 inches (70×100 cm)
  • X-Large = 31.50 x 39.37 inches (80×100 cm)
  • Jumbo = 39.37 x 47.25 inches (100×120 cm)

You will save loads of space with this product.

Easy to use: Simply open the bag place the article of clothing inside close the bag and suck the air out with a vacuum. Now your clothing is perfectly sealed. You can store clothes blankets comforters pillows and other articles of clothing.

Keep everything clean and fresh. Protects against water moist bugs moths and mildew dirt and other kinds of debris.

These space saver bags come in the following sizes and packs:

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