Homeland Goods Ozone Ionizer Cleaner Ionic Air Purifier 3500mg


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Homeland Goods Ozone Ionizer Cleaner Ionic Air Purifier 3500mg, HE-223 series classic model, compare to Living Air Classic XL-15 purifier. HEPA filter + carbon filter + photo-catalytic filter + UV light + ionizer + ozone. This iconic ozone cleaner is a state-of-the-art air purification system made of stainless steel and solid dark cherry color wood cabinetry.

The air purifier eliminates odors from molds, pollen, allergies, chemical gases, dust, tobacco smoke, pet smells, paint fumes, food and beverages, which causes sneezing, asthma, itchy eyes, sinus and ear irritations. It covers up to 3,500 square feet of space.

The ozone ionizer breaks down odor causing pollutants and dropping airborne particulate from your breathing space. Recreates the natural balance of positive and negative ions to significantly reduce air borne particulate.

Negative ions created around the clock to keep down dust and particulate. Plate receiver slot allows insertion and removal of ceramic plates for cleaning. Fuse holder houses removable fuse (spare fuse included, 1Amp, 1.25 inch). Power cord, 120 volt grounded cord. Ozone output: 3500 mg/hr.

Includes: (1) iconic air purifier. (2) free washable ceramic plates. (1) user guide. (1) spare fuse.

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Product Features:

  • Two LED lights on the front panel, one for working status, one for ozone indicator;
  • Safety feature: Power auto-off protection when back cover removed;
  • Double fuses to make sure it work perfectly;
  • Infinitely variable speed fan, UL listed;
  • Easily maintain and replace the air filters: back cover can be pulled out by hand, no tools needed;
  • Built-in ionizer;


  • Effectively removes odors, smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, molds;
  • Eliminates allergens;
  • Kills bacteria and viruses.
  • Lets us enjoy fresh purified air, promote our metabolism, breathe and sleep better!

Product Applications:

This air purifier ozone ionizer can be used at homes & living areas. Offices & stores. Water & fire damaged areas. New paint & wallpaper areas. Hospitals & nursing homes. Veterinary offices. Smoking areas. Hotel rooms. High pollen environments. Attics & basements. Medical offices. Day care centers. Stables & aviaries. Locker rooms. Restaurants & bars.

Product Specifications:

  • Input Power: 40W
  • Color: Solid Dark Cherry Wood Cabinetry.
  • HEPA Filter Efficiency: >99.7%
  • Air Flow Volume: 106 CFM
  • Ion Output: ≥ 5 x 106 cm3 (or ≥ 2.5 x 106 cm3)
  • Application Area: 3500 sq. ft. / 350 m2
  • UV Spectrum: 500μw/cm2 (at 10 cm distance)
  • CADR: 155
  • Noise: 25-45 dB
  • Unite Size: 11.81 in (H) x 8.27 in (W) x 10.44 in (L)
  • Packaging Size: 14.77 in (H) x 11.22 in (W) x 13.58 in (L)
  • Net Weight: 11 lbs
  • Gross Weight: 13.25 lbs

Warranty: 3-Year factory warranty.

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Weight13.25 lbs

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Awesome machine at a great price! And it shipped faster than promised.