Motor Gear + Rubber Gear + Rubber Gasket Combo for NutriBullet NB-101 3 Pack


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Is your NutriBullet Blender not working as efficiently as it used to? Does it seize up and/or shut off? Is your motor making erratic sounds? It could be that you need a new motor gear!

If you need a new NutriBullet Rubber Gear Replacement, look no further! Don’t replace your whole blender when you need a few blender parts! This combination also comes with three (3) NutriBullet Gaskets.

Product Features:

  • Made with durable polyurethane plastic construction
  • Fit 600W & 900W Blenders
  • Good Quality Top Base Gear
  • Rubber Base Gear is coated with an extra layer for maximum protection
  • Please Note: This product will not fit Magic Bullet Blenders

Product Comes with 3 NutriBullet Motor Gears, 3 NutriBullet Rubber Gears, 3 NutriBullet Gaskets. Great value!

Compatible with NutriBullet NB-101B and NB-101S only

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