Felji Space Saver Bags Vacuum Seal Storage Bag Organizer Size Large 27×39 inches 2 Pack


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These Space Saver Bags Storage Bag Vacuum Seal Organizer Size Large 2 Pack help you stay organized while maximizing your closet space. You’ll love how much space you save with these space saver bags.

Use a vacuum on reverse to pull all of the air out of the bag for compact storage. They also help protect your clothes from moisture mildew and air that can damage them.

Grab a couple sets for seasonal clothing storage that can be neatly tucked away and pulled out next year.

Dimensions: 27.56 x 39.37 inches (70×100 cm)

Save A LOT of space.

Extremely easy to use: Open the bag store whatever you need to close the bag and vacuum it up. You may store clothes, blankets, comforters, pillows, etc.

Keeps everything fresh! Protects against water moist bugs moths mildew dirt and odor.

These space saver bags come in the following sizes and packs:

Space Saver Bags Sizes:

  • Small = 17.72 x 27.56 inches (45×70 cm)
  • Medium = 23.62 x 27.56 inches (60×70 cm)
  • Large = 27.56 x 39.37 inches (70×100 cm)
  • X-Large = 31.50 x 39.37 inches (80×100 cm)
  • Jumbo = 39.37 x 47.25 inches (100×120 cm)

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satisfied customer

It worked really well first one ever used and I was very pleased with the product

These bags are huge!

Bought these space saver bags after looking at another popular brand that were more expensive for 2 bags...I got 4 XL bags from Felji for $2 over the price the other company were charging for 2! Able to fit 2 king comforters in 1 bag! Thanks Felji, you have earned yourselves a repeat customer!