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2 Pack Felji Replacement Filter for Hoover Flair Vacuum Cleaner S2200 S2220 S2201 59136055

$11.99 $21.99

2 Washable Hoover Vacuum Flair Filters Fit S2200, S2220 & S2201, Part # 59136055

Washable and reusable. Perfect for capturing and sealing allergens and pollutants.

It is recommended that you clean your filter each time you empty the dirt cup bin. Lack of cleaning this filter could result in the loss of suction.

Cleaning the filter will also assist in prolonging the lifetime of your vacuum cleaner

Fits the following Hoover models: S2200, S-2200, S2220, S-2220, S2201, S-2201

Part Number: 59136055

Includes two (2) filter bags as pictured

Filter Cleaning Instructions:

  • Press the Hoover Flair vacuum dirt cup latch down and pull the dust cup out
  • Remove the filter from the top of the cup Shake the dust off of the filter (we suggest you do this outside)
  • Pull the filter inside out through the filter frame Brush the surface of the filter off to remove any additional litter or dust
  • Wash the Hoover Flair filter in warm water -
  • Remember: The filter must be completely dry before reinstalling into the vacuum,
  • Do not use the vacuum without the filter in place
  • Push the filter back through the frame to its original position
  • Place the filter on top of the dirt cup and firmly press it down into the cup

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The rubber gaskets, the coupling, ice crusher blade.

Only the Jar base don´t fit my blender base, I can´t use.

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