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Felji Collapsible Clothes Dryer Folding Tripod Drying Rack Garment Hanger

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This Felji Collapsible Clothes Dryer Folding Tripod Drying Rack Garment Hanger takes staging to a new level. Sleek and portable and tall enough to hang even full length dresses it sets up your laundry facility like never before. No more blouses hung on chairs or sweaters on doorknobs. Consolidate everything on this tripod which holds up to 36 garments thus allowing your clothes to dry safely on the rack. Take advantage too of the great outdoors! Hang your clothes on your tripod outside for an energy-saving sun dry! Place it in the shade and turn your colored clothes inside out to lessen fading. When you finish fold it up and store it out of sight. No one need ever know of your genius. 100% Brand New. Color: Blue (as show in picture) Size: 61.23''h x 26''w x 15.6''d Designed for maximum stability. Foldable and collapsable for easy storage. No tools required Tri-pod indoor dryer holds up to 36 garments. Package Content: 1 x Collapsible Clothes Dryer

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working wife

I received my portable clothes hanger and absolutely love it, nothing like the smell of clothes hung outside to dry, fresh and clean. Definitely recommend it.

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perfect, exactly what i needed!

this is a very well made carrier, nicer in person. great price also, affordable.


100 % perfect!!!!! Thanks

replacement tamper tool 760

Felji used to sell correct length tampers but the new batch is too short so I had to return. Quality is still ok. Their customer service is very responsive + helpful.

Good starter kit

I used this compact tool kit for some various projects on watches I own and the tools get the job done. As an amateur and occasional horologist I would suggest a more professional set of tools for in deapth repair work.

Felji was prompt in taking my order and delivery quick as well.
Good service can set the pace of one's day! Thanks