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Felji Pet Stroller Cat Dog 3 Wheel Easy Walk Jogger Travel Folding Carrier

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Have you ever thought about how to take your pet outside when she’s injured and can’t walk on a leash? The Felji pet stroller allows you to push your pet with you when you walk to the park around the block and to the mall. It features a zippered mesh screen to protect your pet from insects and provide ventilation. Also provided are cup holders back wheel brakes and plenty of room in the toy and snack undercarriage. Don’t leave your pet at home alone. Not only does it improve your pet’s health but also yours as well by involving your pet in your daily morning jog. The Felji Pet Stroller is truly a multifunctional product. Mesh screen for breathability Folds quickly Larger Undercarriage/Basket Retractable soft cover hood Front Double Wheel for maneuverability Rear Brake Lever Front and Back Zippered Doors Secure Seat Belt Leash Mesh Top Window Equipped With Cup Holders Quality Certified: Meet GB14748 Stroller Safety Standard and Manufactured under GB/T2161 Production Standard. Includes: Pet Stroller Undercarriage/Basket (Collapsed and stored inside of main carriage) Specifications: Model Number: PTST-03-VAR Dimensions: Height - 40 Width-11" Depth-18" Front Wheel Diameter-5.75" Back Wheel Diameter-7.75" Carriage Dimension: 20x18x11" Color: Pink Black Navy Blue Plaid Blue Red Weight Capacity: 33lbs Product Weight: 11.3 lbs Please Make Sure Stroller Assemble Manual Do Not Leave Stroller Unattended Do Not Leave Stroller Near Fireplace or Fire Pit "

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The talk of Bar Harbor

We purchased this stroller for our 15 year old small dog, so we could take her on our active vacation. It was easy to set up and she took to it immediately. As she is not normally out in public, the zipper feature was excellent when she needed to be contained. We were able to take her to dinner outside with us and she even went on a 151 foot sailboat. Excellent purchase,. I highly recommend this particular stroller and don't know why more people don't use them.

I am very happy with

I am very happy with my new pet stroller. My pet loves to go in it and several people have asked me where I purchased it. You can't beat the price or the free shipping.

Ice cream toy

Love it , so cute! Floats , machine washable & it speaks!!!Great Quality!

Pawsome Product

Absolutely worth every penny for this stroller. Sturdy and rolls well. Easy to assemble. I have 2 friends that have just made purchases since I have bought my stroller!!

Cute stroller

Seems well built, easy to put together.

Great product

I'm in love with this stroller! My cat seems to enjoy it as well. Very roomy, and easy to fold. Thumbs up!

Dog stroller

Super easy to set up and perfect for my Frenchie. I got it so I didn't have to leave him in a car which could get too hot, so now he can go everywhere with me.

Felji Pet Stroller Cat/Dog 3 Wheel Easy Walk Jogger Travel Folding Carrier

This carrier was delivered in about a week, which was what I was told. It was basically pretty easy to assemble - with the help of a previously requested Felji carrier video. There are 2 pieces that need a Phillips screwdriver for small screws. One piece is the beverage /food tray. The other piece goes in the front at the bottom. I actually guessed where this piece belongs. Not having a Phillips screwdriver I used the carrier anyway and not having that bottom piece in place does not present any problems with the movement of the carrier. It was very easy to understand the directions about the wheels and they were very easy to put on. I bought the plaid and I am happy with the color. The carrier is light and easy to get up and down stairs; it moves along the ground very nicely and the brakes work fine as well. The only drawback was the zipper that you need to zip so the cover completely encloses your cat or dog. The directions do not say anything about the zipper and again I had to guess and ultimately enlisted the assistance of a friend to get this part completed as I wanted very much to take my cat out for a walk. My friend zipped it very easily. The final thing is folding the carrier. I was able to partially fold it following the directions. I will try again and may have to ask my friend again for help.

A Lot of Bang for Bucks! So Pleased!!

The price seemed a little too good to be true but when I read the reviews I decided to gamble. It took a little longer to receive than other things that come surprisingly quick but it was worth it. Well packaged, easy to put the few remaining g pieces together and viola...5 minutes we were ready to stroll. I could tell a lot of thought went into design, cupholdersand, zippers, everything. It's nice because whether my dog is sitting or laying down they get a good view. Strong mesh. Great size. My six year old uses for her dolls too and since our dog is now the baby of family it's a nice feeling to see a stroller around again like our real baby days. Silly I know, but I'm really happy with it. It's going to come in extra handy at campground when a lot of other dogs around and want to keep my fur baby safe yet be with us walking around.

worked wonders

Well we made it to Disney....I do understand that this is a pet stroller. However i am still extremely happy I got it. A soft cooler fit in it perfect. My husband laughed at me when I first bought it but praised me when he didn't have to carry every thing around.

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Great poles!

The poles I received are significantly better than the ones pictured on the web page. Rather than a black plastic grip and a buckle strap adjustment, these poles have a cork primary grip and a well-designed lower grip of black foam. The strap length is adjusted and held in place by removing, then replacing, a small plastic wedge - this gives a secure strap adjustment with no annoying buckle to deal with. The poles I received extend to about 135 cm, which is sufficient for a tall adult. The description on the web page says 110 cm, which would not be sufficient, at least for most adult males. The adjustments in length are made by using a screw type system, which has, unfortunately, been replaced by many manufacturers with one of the clamp-type systems, which are heavier and can get tangled in brush if traveling off-trail. If you can get the cork-grip model that I received, these are excellent poles for the price.

Good Quality Filters

Can't beat them - especially when you consider the price. The filters I bought were for a Shop-Vac, that uses AA Filters. These filters are great, and perform just like the Genuine Shop-Vac Filters, for half the price.

Thanks Felji!

Mike - Chicago

Oster 8 Oz Glass Mini Jar With Lid for Oster Blender

It's a great price at Felji.

Hair straightner

Very good. Chris

Solar Panels Maintain Shooting Range Batteries

Three years ago I used 10w solar panels from a different supplier to maintain the batteries I use on Shooting Ranges. These proved inadequate. I found these 20w units and they work excellent. I have them installed in OK through the winter and they have done their job admirably. They maintain the battery in peak condition and I don't have to charge the batteries using a normal battery charger as I did before with the 10w units. These units provide just the correct power to maintain the batteries, they don't bring a battery back from total discharge (I haven't found any that do), but for maintaining the batteries they work great. They do not require a clear blue sky with full sunshine, they work fine in overcast cloudy days as well. I purchased 66 units and I'm just placing an order for another batch. Excellent value for the cost. The Controller that comes with them works fine as well. When working on the range, my workers like the feature on being able to charge their cellphones from the USB port on the side of the controller