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Felji Photography Photo Portrait Studio 600W Day Light Umbrella Lighting Kit


Whether starting off in an actual studio or the humble beginnings of a studio garage, Felji’s Photography Umbrella Lighting Kit will provide the highest quality lighting at a fraction of the price!

Walking into the world of photography is daunting, especially with so many types of equipment out there. With this lighting kit for both professionals and apprentices, however, it is much easier coping with frustration-free, simple & quick installable photo equipment, and highly competitive quality is in addition.

By using the lighting umbrellas to diffuse the light, the camera will be able to capture a full spectrum of color with neutral skin tones and soft supple light. Get started taking professional quality portraits with this versatile and easy to use lighting set up.

Production of Evenly Spread Light

Translucent Umbrellas are the backbone of many photographers' toolboxes, and understandably so. Umbrellas are affordable, easy to work with, and very handy to transport. Out of all the types of umbrella reflectors, this one will be able to produce an image with the least contrast and the softest light, because the majority of the hard light is going to be eaten up in the white, slightly reflective material.

Highly Featured Lighting Stand

  • On top of its head equipped 1/4-inch standard size screw thread for universal mounting capability.
  • Height adjusting lever ensures the solid safety lock, and transfers readily from secure tight to smooth release.
  • Stabilizing on the ground with three solid legs, the joint moves along the pole smooth as well as locks tightly.


33" Translucent White Umbrella Reflector

  • Made of high quality nylon construction
  • Works well to diffuse the light from any flash/strobe light or continuous light
  • Reflects and spreads light stream evenly
  • Eliminates glare and spots

Single Head Photo Light Holding Socket

  • On/off Switch
  • Compatible with 45W photo bulb
  • Standard lamp base, E26/E27
  • Code & plug included, 9 ft. long

86" Max-height Light Stand
28" Max-height Light Stand

  • Premium aluminum alloy construction
  • Solid safety 3 legs stages
  • Light weight, easy to transport
  • Industrial standard mounting stud

Photo Equipment Carry Case
Photo Bulb carry bag

  • Premium Quality Nylon Material

45W Photo CFL Bulb

  • Energy saving vompact fluorescent spiral bulb, saves energy up to 80%
  • Regular screw base, E26
  • Color temperature, 6500K
  • 45W, equals to 200W regular incandescent light bulb output
  • Spiral shape design
  • Daylight lighting tone
  • 7.1 x 2.3 inch Dimension

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448 reviews
Well done, excellent service and delivery, thx!

Found the item via google search, ordered and got it in some few days, happy to recommend the seller! Thx!!!

5 stars

Great price and light is bright

Great poles!

The poles I received are significantly better than the ones pictured on the web page. Rather than a black plastic grip and a buckle strap adjustment, these poles have a cork primary grip and a well-designed lower grip of black foam. The strap length is adjusted and held in place by removing, then replacing, a small plastic wedge - this gives a secure strap adjustment with no annoying buckle to deal with. The poles I received extend to about 135 cm, which is sufficient for a tall adult. The description on the web page says 110 cm, which would not be sufficient, at least for most adult males. The adjustments in length are made by using a screw type system, which has, unfortunately, been replaced by many manufacturers with one of the clamp-type systems, which are heavier and can get tangled in brush if traveling off-trail. If you can get the cork-grip model that I received, these are excellent poles for the price.

Good Quality Filters

Can't beat them - especially when you consider the price. The filters I bought were for a Shop-Vac, that uses AA Filters. These filters are great, and perform just like the Genuine Shop-Vac Filters, for half the price.

Thanks Felji!

Mike - Chicago

Oster 8 Oz Glass Mini Jar With Lid for Oster Blender

It's a great price at Felji.