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Felji Solar Auto-Darkening Pro Welding Helmet Black

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This solar-powered auto-darkening high-impact nylon welding helmet is perfect for virtually any and all welding use and is engineered to meet the most strenuous requirements at one incredible price.

A large 3.86 x 1.73 inch view slot makes it ideal for seeing more simultaneously. A lightning fast 1/25000th second switch time automatically darkens the lens the instant you start welding.

Meets ANSI and CSA safety standards.

Comfortable Elegant and Stylish Lightweight Yet Highly Durable. Built from extremely durable high-impact nylon to give you all of the protection necessary yet remains light enough for you to use for extended periods of time without wearing you out.

See it All Clearly. A spacious 3.86in. x 1.73in. view port gives you a clear view of your entire work area. No need to worry about blind spots.

All-Day Comfort. 4-point ratcheting headgear allows you to adjust the fit to your own personal wearing preferences for maximum comfort that lasts as long as your project does. An absorbent replaceable sweatband soaks up the perspiration to keep moisture out of your eyes and off the lens for safety and added comfort.

No-Scratch Lens. The lens is layered with additional UV and infrared radiation protection to help prevent scratching and discoloration keeping your view safe and clear.

Eye-Catching Graphics. Let your style shine through while you weld. With a solid elegant black backdrop this helmet looks as great as it protects!

Automatic Protection. The lens will automatically darken to 9–13 variable shades. The auto darkening function will still work even when welding with as low as 2 Amps to ensure protection in any situation.

Lightning-Fast Switch Time. The lightning-quick 1/25 000th-second switch time ensures that the lens will automatically darken to deliver the protection your eyes need.

Adjustable Sensitivity. Built-in sensitivity control offers the capability to adjust the sensitivity that's right for you. The easy adjustment control lets you change sensitivity as needed.

Fully Automatic Operation. The helmet will automatically darken when needed. No need to remember to turn the helmet on before firing up the welder. The fully automatic on/off switch takes care of that for you. And the lens maintains a shade gradient of 3.5 when not welding.

Versatile Action Multiple Process Capabilities. A welding helmet that can only handle one welding process offers very little variety. This helmet is ideal for use in MIG Arc Flux or TIG welding processes and will not compromise its effectiveness.

Hard Hat Compatible. Portability durability and hard hat compatibility combine to make this welding helmet a perfect choice for use at the worksite. (Hard hat not included)

Safe and Self-Sufficient. Meets ANSI and CSA/CE Standards ANSI Z87.1-2003 | CSA Z94.3

Batteries Recharge as You Work. Charges While You Work. On-board solar cells automatically recharge the batteries during use so you never run out of protection and never have to worry about plugging in a charger.


  • Features shade 9–13 adjustment conveniently located on outside of helmet allowing user to adjust without removing helmet
  • Comfortable 5-Point adjustable ratcheting headgear with replaceable sweatband
  • Built with sturdy and durable high-impact nylon
  • Color: Obsidian Black
  • Includes 2 arc sensors for auto-darkening
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1 CSA Z94.3 and CE EN379 standards
  • Includes solar powered rechargeable battery

Compatible for use with hard hat using hard hat adapter #26435 (sold separately)

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448 reviews
Well done, excellent service and delivery, thx!

Found the item via google search, ordered and got it in some few days, happy to recommend the seller! Thx!!!

5 stars

Great price and light is bright

Great poles!

The poles I received are significantly better than the ones pictured on the web page. Rather than a black plastic grip and a buckle strap adjustment, these poles have a cork primary grip and a well-designed lower grip of black foam. The strap length is adjusted and held in place by removing, then replacing, a small plastic wedge - this gives a secure strap adjustment with no annoying buckle to deal with. The poles I received extend to about 135 cm, which is sufficient for a tall adult. The description on the web page says 110 cm, which would not be sufficient, at least for most adult males. The adjustments in length are made by using a screw type system, which has, unfortunately, been replaced by many manufacturers with one of the clamp-type systems, which are heavier and can get tangled in brush if traveling off-trail. If you can get the cork-grip model that I received, these are excellent poles for the price.

Good Quality Filters

Can't beat them - especially when you consider the price. The filters I bought were for a Shop-Vac, that uses AA Filters. These filters are great, and perform just like the Genuine Shop-Vac Filters, for half the price.

Thanks Felji!

Mike - Chicago

Oster 8 Oz Glass Mini Jar With Lid for Oster Blender

It's a great price at Felji.