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Felji Tilt TV Monitor LCD LED VESA Wall Mount Bracket 22 23 26 27 30 32 36 37 40 42

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This Tilt TV Monitor LCD LED VESA Wall Mount Bracket 22 23 26 27 30 32 36 37 40 42 features low Profile: 1.53" TV to Wall; Tilt 10 degrees downward; Load Capacity: 110lbs; VESA: 100x100/200x100/200x200; Lateral shift for precise placement; Integrated Bubble Level for easy installation; Solid Steel Construction; Durable Scratch Resistant Finish; Mounting Hardware Included. If you ever needed a new TV Stand Felji's got you covered! This lightweight stand has several features such as lateral shifting for precise placement of your TV stand and a high-quality scratch resistant polish. In addition this wall mount boasts solid steel construction as well as an integrated bubble level. (Bubble levels are also known as spirit levels) The tools and equipment necessary to install and mount your TV is included so rest assured you will not need any other tools. Product Features: For use with 23-42 inch screen*** Low Profile: 1.53" TV to Wall Tilt: 10 degrees downward Load Capacity: 110 lbs. VESA: 100x100/200x100/200x200 Lateral shift for precise placement Integrated Bubble Level for easy installation Solid Steel Construction Durable Scratch Resistant Finish Color: Black Mounting Hardware Included *If you are unsure if this mount will work with your TV then all you need to do is simply measure the mounting holes on the back of your TV. If the mounting holes on your TV are equal to or LESS THAN 8" x 8" (width x height) then this mount will work for your TV. Supported screen size is shown as a guidance only. Not all TV's between 23-42" will fit though most will. The screen size could be larger or smaller than the suggested size as long as the weight is within the limit and the mounting pattern matches up with your tv. Be sure to check that the VESA compliant mounting pattern on your tv matches up with the mounting pattern of this mount. If you have any questions or doubts that your TV will fit then please send me a message and I will try my best to point you in the right direction. What is VESA? The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has a set of standards for the manufacturing of flat screen televisions and PC monitors. Most manufacturers adhere to these standards. There are 4 mounting holes in the back of every TV. The distance in millimeters (mm) between these holes determines the VESA compatibility. The first number of the VESA measurement is the horizontal distance; the second the vertical distance. If your manual doesn't provide you with the VESA mounting hole information you can simply measure the mounting holes on your TV in inches and convert them to millimeters.

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Well done, excellent service and delivery, thx!

Found the item via google search, ordered and got it in some few days, happy to recommend the seller! Thx!!!

5 stars

Great price and light is bright

Great poles!

The poles I received are significantly better than the ones pictured on the web page. Rather than a black plastic grip and a buckle strap adjustment, these poles have a cork primary grip and a well-designed lower grip of black foam. The strap length is adjusted and held in place by removing, then replacing, a small plastic wedge - this gives a secure strap adjustment with no annoying buckle to deal with. The poles I received extend to about 135 cm, which is sufficient for a tall adult. The description on the web page says 110 cm, which would not be sufficient, at least for most adult males. The adjustments in length are made by using a screw type system, which has, unfortunately, been replaced by many manufacturers with one of the clamp-type systems, which are heavier and can get tangled in brush if traveling off-trail. If you can get the cork-grip model that I received, these are excellent poles for the price.

Good Quality Filters

Can't beat them - especially when you consider the price. The filters I bought were for a Shop-Vac, that uses AA Filters. These filters are great, and perform just like the Genuine Shop-Vac Filters, for half the price.

Thanks Felji!

Mike - Chicago

Oster 8 Oz Glass Mini Jar With Lid for Oster Blender

It's a great price at Felji.